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Below are listed the range of services offered by envirologic. A link is provided at the end of each sub-section, showing examples of projects conducted by Envirologic.

Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Sections
EIS sections are provided as a baseline environmental assessment for a range of activities. Sections are specified under the headings: water, soils and geology, or hydrogeology, depending upon the development type and the magnitude of impacts under each heading. Each section consists of a comprehensive desk study undertaken alongside field investigation, to a standard that will address the requirements of specified County Councils, County Development Plans. Planning Authorities and National and European Regulations. The desk study will include maps and drawings and serve as a precursor to field investigations. Interpretation of field analysis results allow for compilation of a site specfiic conceptual model and impact assessment, after which a set mitigation measures are recommended.

EIS projects

Flood Risk Assessments
Flood Risk Assessments are carried out taking cognisance of 'The Planning System and Flood Risk Management (DoEHLG, 2008). These projects utilise SuDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) and GDSDS (Greater Dublin Strategic Drainage Strategy) techniques in stormwater management and drainage network design. The scale of any flood risk assessment is dependent upon the scale of development for which they are being performed.

Envirologic uses GPS RTK or VRS technique for collection of coordinates and elevation data, in this case to survey stream and river cross sections. ISIS (Halcrow) flood modelling software is used to assess route capacities and computation of safe project design levels such as finished floor elelvation. Statistical analyses are used to interpret historical data from the nationwide network of EPA and OPW maintained hydrometric stations.

Flood Risk Assessment projects

Hydrogeological Investigations

Groundwater sampling and interpretation is carried out in compliance with Drinking Water Regulations (2000) and EPA IGV for groundwater. Envirologic can provide design, supervision and logging for installation of both production and monitoring boreholes. Pumping tests (step test and constant discharge test) for assessment of the safe yield, permeability, resultant drawdown and efficiency of boreholes can be performed over various durations. Permeability of subsoil and bedrock conditions can also be assessed using falling head tests. To satisfy environmental protection legislation, third party well surveys, groundwater contour mapping, source protection plans and zone of contribution (ZOC) mapping are provided. Quarry water management and dewatering systems can be prepared along with design and specification for flow measurement structures such v-notch weirs.

Hydrogeological Investigation projects

Hydrological Investigations

In addition to flood risk assessments, Envirologic also carries out other hydrological studies. Envirologic personnel are proficient in kayaking and have worked effectively in teams on previous projects. To date this has focussed on variable depth lake water sampling. River and inshore sampling can also be conducted and results are interpreted against the Surface Water Regulations (1989), Drinking Water Regulations (2000), Phosphorus Regulations (1998), etc.

Low flow (95%ile) flow determination of surface waters and waste assimilative capacity calculations. YSI ProPlus Quattro multiparameter instrument is used to measure unstable hydrochemical parameters in situ. Envirologic also have the capacbility to carry out bathymetric surveys.

Hydrological Investigation projects

An Bord Pleanala Submissions
Envirologic perform consultation and preparation of observations for the purposes of appeals being made to An Bord Pleanala.

An Bord Pleanala Submission projects

Other services offered by Envirologic include soil sampling and interpretation, geophysical design and interpretation, scoping documents, and client defined research.

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